Manisha Shah is a true inspiration for all youngsters who aim to do big in their lives. Manisha is a bestselling author. She has written two books. Her debut novel is “THE ONE WHO IS EVERYTHING FOR YOU IN YOUR LIFE” and her second book is “BLISSED AND UNSTOPPABLE”.

She came out from many breakthroughs in her life which transformed Manisha for the best and she found out her true potential and power by which she became the best version of herself.

She believes everything happens for a reason. Back in the days, she was the girl who had a fear of the English language so much but she took inspiration from the worst days in her life and became the inspiration of many. She faced insult and trouble for her appearance and her skills. She turned her weakness into her strength by the firm belief that she is unique and shines in her own way. She says the Moon and Sun have their own timings to shine. 

All sorts of incidents inspired her to write and she led the world to know that never think you are not capable or not good enough for your dreams.

Stay firmly with your dreams and say to the world I made for this, I meant to be here and I deserve this. Success will be yours. Manisha Shah says her first book is inspirational romance fiction where she tried to portray the idea that your wish has been heard and it will definitely come to you, whatever happened in past don’t get lost in this, it happened for a reason. This book was received very well by the readers. Manisha gives her own example that she wanted to be a doctor but due to low marks she was unable to do so and on the other hand, she faced trouble with the English language too. Her weak eyesight also became the reason that she discouraged the idea of being an Air Hostess but all sorts of insults and rejection led her to be the bestselling author today. 

She further talks about her journey and how instantly in two days her book came on the bestseller list when Manisha released her second book Blissed and Unstoppable which received lots of love from the world. She says her second book was released by the Universe’s plan because earlier she used to think that she was a Fictional writer and might be unable to write Non-Fiction but her wish was not unheard by the Universe and she wrote Non-Fiction, and started receiving money from all over the world.

English is her strength now. She published two books and taught more than three thousand students of English spoken in recognised institutes. She sings also because she is from a musical background. Her second book is based on her real-life experiences and the steps she followed once to be blissed and unstoppable.

Manisha Shah is renowned as a Bestselling author, a singer and a teacher. She is a much-loved author of “THE ONE WHO IS EVERYTHING FOR YOU IN YOUR LIFE”. Her simple style of narration and the life lessons in her stories deliver a deep message which has the power to transform people’s lives. Blissed and Unstoppable is her second book, intended to bring forth change in people’s life. She believes her prosperous words can definitely change someone’s life as it has changed her life fully. When she sees herself on Google now and her published books then she feels it’s all worth it. 

At last, Manisha Shah says if she can do it so can you. Inspiration comes from within so let your inner self inspire you and the world through you.