Global Sustainability Alliance’s 5th Edition SDG Summit Concludes Day Two with a Focus on Sustainable Solutions


New Delhi, October 14, 2023 —The Global Sustainability Alliance (GSA), a flagship initiative by ET Edge, has successfully concluded the second day of its 5th edition SDG summit, focusing on fostering sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The event, held today at DAIC Delhi, brought together an influential gathering of global changemakers, government officials, business leaders, and sustainability experts committed to advancing sustainability.Day two of the summit featured a diverse array of sessions and discussions, emphasizing knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and the incubation of innovative solutions to address climate change and promote sustainable development.


Bhupender Yadav, Union Cabinet Minister of Labor and Employment, Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Government of India, said, “India stands committed to accomplishing its pledge towards decarbonization and embracing net-zero emissions. The country has taken several measures to promote a circular economy. Around 56 Indian companies have committed to reduce carbon emissions. In a world marked by natural disasters, building resilience is imperative. We will continue to implement policies promoting resilience and sustainability. It is a shared effort and about making sustainable choices. Let us leave a legacy of hope and prosperity for our planet.”


Dr. Susil Premajayanta, Minister of Education, Sri Lanka, mentioned that, “Developing teachers’ capacity to meet education challenges is a task. We believe in encouraging inclusive education and have taken initiatives to promote it across the country. The need for quality education is critical. To accomplish the SDG goals, inclusive education will play a key role.” 


The program covered a wide range of topics, including sustainable cities, climate change mitigation, and the future of sustainable mobility. Eminent leaders and experts from various fields led panel discussions, dialogues, and keynotes aimed at charting a path toward a more sustainable and resilient future.Notable sessions included discussions on leveraging regulatory power to transition to renewables, addressing water management challenges, and embracing innovations in waste management. These conversations aimed to identify sustainable solutions and navigate the challenges in these critical areas.


Similarly, Prathmesh Mishra, Chief Commercial Officer, DIAGEO India, said, “We believe that societies are at the heart of our business strategies. We are focused on promoting positive drinking, DE&I, and grain-to-glass sustainability. We have done away with mono-carton packaging. The use of bio-degradable packs is being experimented with.” 


Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Science and Technology and Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India states, “When we talk about sustainable development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has committed to net zero by 2070, and by 2030 we will achieve certain milestones on renewable energy. India today has laid down the target statistically for the world to follow. In the last 9 years, we are no longer being led by, but we are leading the world. Two things integral to this narrative are the vaccine story during the COVID-19 pandemic. The other milestone is the Chandrayaan making the soft landing on the moon’s surface in its first attempt. Of late, we have started to look at sectors that were earlier overlooked like organic farming, soil health improvement, deep-sea mission, etc. The first solar cell was developed in India 50 years ago, in 1977. To play a global role, we realized that we must live up to global parameters. We are looking forward to a huge amount of public engagement and citizen participation. Science is too serious to be left to scientists alone. The need is for collaborative and shared efforts in navigating new avenues”.

Throughout the day, the summit upheld its commitment to sustainability and transformative social and environmental impact, serving as a vital platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and actionable steps toward a more sustainable planet.As the 5th edition of the GSA SDG summit concludes its second day, the global community eagerly awaits the insights, collaborations, and commitments that have emerged, further propelling the world toward a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.For more information about the Global Sustainability Alliance and its initiatives, please visit: