Kala Ghoda Arts Festival In a Trot Next Jan. The Black Horse Grows Wings with Udaan!

Creativity, Culture, and Community make sheer horse sense as KGAF pounds the beat for Jan 20-28, 2024, transforming the heart of Mumbai into a vibrant hub of arts, crafts, and creativity. This annual extravaganza, organized by the Kala Ghoda Association (KGA), was formed on 30th October 1998 with the aim of maintaining and preserving the heritage of the Kala Ghoda area – South Mumbai’s beloved art district. KGA is now in its 25th year.

The Kala Ghoda district is renowned for the rich concentration of heritage buildings, art and cultural spaces, such as museums, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and educational institutions. The precinct attracts food connoisseurs, fashion designers, architecture enthusiasts among a host of creative talent. The constant bustle of heritage afficionados is an ode to the rich legacy of the precinct.

This was made possible by the coming together of various art galleries, patrons and concerned citizens. Since then, they have successfully conserved the bustling crescent-shaped arts district. And towards this, the organization seeks to raise funds for the execution of the 2024 edition. The Kala Ghoda Association channels its surplus funds from the festival to restore and preserve heritage buildings and monuments in the area. These restoration projects, such as the Muljee Jetha Fountain, K.E. Synagogue, and Bomanjee Hormarjee Clock Tower, have even earned UNESCO recognition for their historical significance.

KGA’s most recent project has been the David Sassoon Library restoration.

Mumbai has a rich history and different cultures that make it a city of inclusion and diversity.  KGAF’s upcoming edition is an ode to Mumbai’s vision to reach for the skies, to celebrate life and create an uplifting future.


KGAF has established itself as a cornerstone event in Mumbai’s cultural calendar. Held in and around the iconic Kala Ghoda precinct in South Mumbai, the festival aims to spread awareness of the arts among people with limited access and exposure to arts and culture. What started as a local event in 1999 has grown into one of India’s longest-running and most prominent neighbourhood festivals, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from Mumbai and beyond. Over the years, the KGAF has gained international acclaim, garnering coverage from esteemed media outlets such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Thanks to partnerships with media giants and dedicated radio partners, the festival’s reach has extended far beyond Mumbai’s borders. However, this isn’t just about celebrating the arts—it’s also about giving back.


 The 9-day festival is a way for KGA to find patrons and raise funds for the ongoing restoration projects carried out across the precinct. Our last edition of KGAF, brightened the streets of Kala Ghoda, and had 2 million people walking into our 15+ venues. The festival is whole-heartedly endorsed and supported by Maharashtra Tourism, The Mumbai Police and the MCGM. Themed UDAAN, this free-to-attend nine-day celebration of art will be spread across 14 verticals including Visual Arts, Theatre, Stand-up, Dance, Music, Food, Literature, Heritage Walks, Workshops for children and adults and Urban Design & Architecture among other verticals, for a diverse audience of all ages. UDAAN represents the city and its sustainability goals to progress and reach for the sky. Mumbai loves art and has a lot of talented artists who create amazing artworks that inspire others. Art enthusiasts, performers, and curious minds alike can immerse themselves in a rich array of exhibitions, performances, and workshops spanning numerous artistic disciplines. All at no cost to our audience of 2 million plus people. Free entry for all!


Don’t miss this extraordinary cultural extravaganza that has earned its place as one of India’s most iconic arts festivals. Come to the Kala Ghoda precinct of South Mumbai, and be part of a celebration that showcases the transformative power of art, fosters community engagement, and promotes a sustainable future.

The festival is committed to leaving a minimal environmental footprint. With a dedicated focus on sustainability, the festival promotes eco-friendly practices such as garbage segregation, LED screens to reduce banner printing, and stalls featuring eco-conscious products. “We care about its environment and want to protect it for the future,” sums up. Rinda Miller, speaking for the values of the largest multi-disciplinary street art festival of its kind in Asia.


Yours to be part of this art fiesta this Jan. And return home enriched!