Meet Sachin Shigwan: The Solar Man of India Illuminating Lives with Solar Energy

Sachin Shigwan, a social entrepreneur with a passion for renewable energy, is transforming rural India through the Green India Initiative.

India, September 28, 2023: In a world that is increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable energy solutions, there are individuals like Sachin Shigwan who are making a remarkable impact. With over a decade of experience in rural electrification, innovative ideas, sustainable solutions, business development, and CSR consulting for top-notch corporations, Sachin Shigwan has earned the title of “The Solar Man of India.” His journey is nothing short of inspirational, as he tirelessly works to bring light to the lives of millions of underprivileged people through the power of solar energy.


Shigwan’s mission is crystal clear: to light up 1000 villages across India by 2025. This ambitious goal is a testament to his dedication and commitment to creating positive change in the world.


Sachin Shigwan’s journey began in 2009, when he visited rural villages with the Rotary Club. It was during this visit that he noticed something that struck a chord with him – students in these villages were studying under the dim light of kerosene lamps, just as he had done in his childhood. This revelation ignited a fire within him, inspiring the formation of the Green India Initiative in 2014. Since 2009, he has been recognized by all stakeholders as The Solar Man of India.


The Green India Initiative, a for-profit social enterprise founded by Sachin Shigwan, acts as a bridge between donors and beneficiaries for CSR projects in rural India. Their comprehensive approach includes engineering, procurement, execution, and commissioning of projects that systematically enhance the quality of life in rural areas.


One of their flagship projects, the Gram Energy Project, has made significant strides in improving rural electrification. This initiative has not only provided street lighting systems but also contributed to school infrastructure, water lifting facilities, potable water arrangements, and livelihood opportunities, all powered by solar energy.


Furthermore, the Green India Initiative has been working diligently to achieve universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 7. To date, they have impacted over 75,000 beneficiaries and reduced carbon emissions by over 1600 tons.


Sachin Shigwan’s role extends beyond the Green India Initiative. He is also a sought-after CSR consultant, helping corporations execute impactful projects that align with their values and stakeholder expectations. His expertise in integrating CSR into organizations’ operations has made a significant difference in numerous areas, creating a positive impact on society.


Sachin Shigwan, known as The Solar Man of India, has been honored with several prestigious awards, including “Record holder in the World Book of Records, London”, “Record holder at India World Record”, “Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2023,” “Future Leader 2023,” and recognition as a TEDx speaker, for his contributions to renewable energy and rural electrification. He has also been acknowledged as a “Sustainability Champion” for his commitment to sustainable practices. These accolades highlight his remarkable work and dedication to making a positive impact in the fields of clean energy and social entrepreneurship.


One of his groundbreaking initiatives is the Employee Solar Engagement Program (ESEP), which educates corporate employees about clean and green energy, urging them to discard kerosene lamps from the lives of underprivileged individuals. This program has witnessed over 150 workshops and trained more than 10,000 beneficiaries, marking a significant step towards environmental protection and a reduced carbon footprint.


Sachin Shigwan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of one individual’s dedication and vision. As The Solar Man of India, he is not only illuminating rural areas but also inspiring others to join the renewable energy revolution. His work is a shining example of how one person can make a world of difference.




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