Politician Sikander Behl arrested in connection with land grabbing and extortion cases

New Delhi, India – Delhi Police have arrested young politician Sikander Behl, accusing him of orchestrating an intricate real estate extortion scheme. Behl, once seen as an aspiring political figure, now faces charges of cheating and criminal breach of trust under Sections 406/420/120B IPC.

The modus operandi allegedly employed by Behl and his associates involved leasing properties and extorting money from the original property owners. Key witnesses, including Mr. K C HariChandran Nair and PunitDuggal, have provided statements suggesting a consistent pattern of behaviour by Behl and his family in similar cases in the past.

A pivotal piece of evidence in the case is a settlement agreement dated 14/09/2018 between Flairs Builder Pvt Ltd and Besto Electronics Pvt Ltd. This document exposes Bhel and his family’s involvement in a previous extortion case, wherein they duped a landlord of a staggering Rs. 2.60 Crore. Further investigation led the police to M/s Sdreen India Pvt. Ltd., a shell company created solely for the purpose of executing Lease Deeds. The company’s bank records reveal liabilities mirroring the rent amount paid to the complainant, indicating a fraudulent financial structure.

The accused allegedly resorted to legal tactics, claiming property ownership without producing credible evidence to support their assertions. This, coupled with the absence of legitimate documents, suggests a well-coordinated conspiracy to wrongfully acquire properties and inflict substantial financial losses on their rightful owners.

This arrest highlights the need for increased vigilance in real estate transactions and stringent measures against those involved in fraudulent practices. The Delhi Police continue their efforts to uphold justice and ensure that individuals engaged in such criminal activities face the consequences of their actions.