SKÖG Unveils Its Vision: Conscious, Sustainable, and Self-Love-Centric Skincare

SKÖG, a distinguished skincare brand embodying purity, cultural richness, and self-love, is proud to announce its emergence as a globally recognized name, offering genuinely clean products while combating greenwashing in the beauty market. With a foundation rooted in nature’s beauty, SKÖG stands firm in India, dedicated to nurturing unique beauty through clean and authentic skincare.

SKÖG, meaning “forest” in Swedish, began as a humble venture along Sweden’s eastern coast. Today, it epitomizes conscious beauty and self-love. The brand was founded by Gautami Agarwal, a visionary with a passion for exploring diverse cultures, recognizing that genuine radiance stems from self-care and acceptance. Inspired by her global experiences and remarkable ingredients, she set out to create a brand celebrating clean beauty and the interconnectedness of the world.

SKÖG is committed to using high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients from diverse lands to craft each product thoughtfully. Every ingredient is meticulously selected to deliver effective and transformative results. The brand is proud of its dedication to clean beauty, sustainability, and ethical practices, ensuring products that are gentle on both the skin and the planet.

Gautami realizes that there is a lot of greenwashing in the market especially when it comes to the beauty segment. Today, the consumer is at a very difficult spot as there are endless product options to choose from claiming similar things which gets very confusing and sometimes misleading. Being the reason, the brand is dedicated towards educating the consumer through our social media channels and offline pop ups personally helping the consumers to understand their skin / hair concerns as well as the ingredients.

SKÖG has gained the trust of clients seeking good quality clean beauty. The brand is available through its website,, and major retailers both online and offline in India, such as Nykaa, Tata Cliq Luxury, FirstCry, Myntra, and more. SKÖG’s popularity extends globally, reaching customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom through select retailers.

Founder’s Vision

Gautami Agarwal, Founder & CEO of SKÖG, envisions establishing SKÖG as an international clean beauty brand advocating self-love and self-acceptance. The focus is also on offering genuinely clean beauty products midst all the greenwashing that is happening today in the market. With a background in luxury fashion, art and a wealth of international experiences, Gautami’s journey drives SKÖG’s identity, making it a symbol of authentic beauty and self-love in the skincare world.

At SKÖG, each product is more than just a skincare item; it’s an embodiment of the brand’s commitment to conscious living. The meticulous selection of natural ingredients from various corners of the world ensures a blend that not only nurtures the skin but also the soul. SKÖG’s range addresses a wide array of skin concerns while promoting a sense of well-being.

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