Step-by-Step Guide for Commercial Property Investment in Shela, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Viren Mehta(Corporate Property Consultant) Says; Shela’s location is an excellent choice for potential returns on investment. Consider the proximity to major business hubs, transportation facilities, residential areas, and amenities. Properties located in prime areas with high demand tend to yield better returns.

Investing in commercial properties can be a lucrative option for generating high returns. When it comes to commercial properties in Ahmedabad, Shela is an emerging area that has shown promising growth in recent years. However, it’s important to note that real estate investments come with risks, and market conditions can change over time.

Shela and Ghuma are strategically located along the Sardar Patel Ring Road. The two locations are very approachable from the prime areas of Ahmedabad including the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar (SG) highway, Thaltej, Bodakdev, Satellite, Vastrapur, and Prahlad Nagar.

The Shela TP (Town Plan) is one of the most organized TP schemes in Ahmedabad. The wide roads, greater connectivity, and well-planned Garden, School, and other social infrastructure has made SHELA the most demanding destination for Residential and Commercial players to buy real estate.

Shela is the most ideal for commercial and retail real estate players. With high growth in residential, now it is time for commercial real estate to boom. The demand for Retail and Commercial space is increasing. The early investors in commercial property will have huge benefits from rental and capital appreciation. The early investors can expect around 17 to 20 percent return on investment. The overall infrastructure is better than South Bopal; hence, Shela would emerge as an extension of Prahladnagar. 

We have witnessed great infrastructure because of a few elite developers like Vishwanath Group, Goyal, HN Safal, etc these are the developers who are making the Shela one of the finest places to live and work.

To determine the best commercial investment project, it’s essential to consider various factors such as location, market demand, potential returns, project feasibility, and long-term sustainability. Conducting thorough market research, and consulting with a real estate professional Mr. Mehta’s analyzing of the Sarathya West project’s financial prospects are essential steps when evaluating commercial investment opportunities.

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